The Family -ERT Collection Reinterprets the Conventional Forms of Furnishings

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
In its more sophisticated sense, furniture is designed to comfortably support the contours of the human body. Consistent with this intent, the Family -ERT collection of rather abstract objects is a contemporary remodeling of classic living room pieces that plays off of the formal features of antique French furnishings.

Designer Julien Bergignat likens the effect produced to the appearance of laying a protective blanket over a couch. It drapes lightly and clings to the structure of the piece. You'll see that the polyethylene armchair and the sofa have been sculpted in this fluid style, embodying a distorting shell that hangs by the weight of the sunken seat. Individual misshapen sheets of plastic material mold Filbert the coffee table, Robert the sofa and Albert the chair into whimsical forms that marry the iconic and the eccentric.