The Face Flash Drive and Flashlight Fulfills Two Functions in a Tiny Box

 - Jan 18, 2013
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The technology to make a USB stick absolutely miniscule is available, but such is not necessarily the most practical idea. The Face Flash Drive and Flashlight takes dimensions that are much more manageable with the hands and makes it less likely that you'll be inclined to lose it.

Still a sufficiently small and pocketable device, Sang Hyun Jeong's USB key integrates memory, a retractable output, two tiny LED lights and a rechargeable battery. The second and third features combined give the appearance of a little face with a tongue that sticks out.

You can use the illuminating feature of the Face Flash Drive and Flashlight when you're searching for a USB port in the dark behind a desktop computer or anywhere else a portable torch is needed. The fuel cell can be easily juiced up while you're transferring files with the device.