The Fabio Old Spice Commercial Introduces a New Face to the Brand

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: youtube & adverblog
Lovers of the Old Spice commercials may be surprised to see this new Fabio Old Spice ad. Featuring the famous Italian model who has become synonymous with romance novels, the commercial uses his long hair to draw in viewers.

The Fabio Old Spice ad shows a long shot of his hair followed by the model taking a sip of a tropical drink. The ad definitely takes a different approach compared to the ones featuring Isaiah Mustafa.
This is only one out of a series of new commercials featuring Fabio; with others including a fireplace, piano and mountain top.

Although YouTube comments urge for the return of Isaiah, the Fabio Old Spice commercial definitely makes for an interesting clip.

Implications - With so many new stresses emerging in contemporary society, consumers are looking for more ways of relief than ever before. Products that contain a humorous element are attractive to those who don't have time to stop and enjoy things. In order to attract more shoppers, a company could focus on integrating a sense of whimsy into their more practical items.