The F-Light Will Make You Feel Like You're About to Take Flight

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: coudamydesign & wired
Designer Paul Coudamy has taken scrap pieces from an Airbus A310 and used them to create an innovative fixture called the F-Light.

Currently installed at the offices of Paris-based web company AF83, the F-Light is an innovative and eco-friendly project that puts to use scrap parts and materials. According to Wired UK, Coudamy was inspired after speaking with a Julien Recours, a designer who uses discarded airplane pieces to design objects.

The F-Light consists of an Airbus's interior molded plastic paneled windows, behind which Coudamy affixed high-powered LED lights, turning the windows into lights. After two months of prototyping, the F-Light is now a commercial design that can be part of any interior for about 15,000 Euros.