Samsung's Eyes on the Road App Blocks Incoming Calls & Messages

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: adsoftheworld & digitalbuzzblog
Samsung’s ‘Eyes on the Road’ app activates a "drive safe mode" for when Samsung phone users are driving. When this mode is turned on, the app prevents all sorts of distractions, by blocking incoming calls, texts, push notifications or other things that might tempt a driver to take their eyes off the road. Instead, calls and texts are responded to automatically with a message notification that says the user is currently unreachable, because they are driving.

The way that the app is able to detect when it is in a car is through the use of sensor fusion technology, which takes note of motion over 20 km/hr.

The app is automatically deactivated after it detects that there is no longer car-like motions for 10 minutes, or can be manually turned off by phone users. Hopefully this will help to reduce instances of calling or texting while driving and truly help people to keep their focus on the road.