'Everything I do is Wrong' Campaign Shows Men Living in Fear of PMS

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: everythingidoiswrong.org & adsoftheworld
I can assure you that many fellas have cowered in the fear of PMS, as indicated in the 'Everything I do is Wrong' Campaign.

When it comes to PMS, guys might as well surrender. The best thing to do is to shut up and follow the example the men in the hilarious 'Everything I do is Wrong' Campaign have set. The whole idea is to advertise that outside of its nutritional value, milk has the power to lower symptoms of PMS before chaos ensues and you're sleeping on the couch -- again. The prints depict fearful husbands/boyfriends holding cartons of milk apologizing to their missus as they pray they take a sip. Above them are hilarious apologies that are responsible for this dreaded return home from the supermarket. Assuming that dairy really is this helpful, I hope the men make it out alive.