The Every Hey Instagram Account Includes Your Favorites

 - Oct 15, 2014
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What do Wonder Woman, the Statue of Liberty and Walter White all have in common? Each of these pop culture icons have been immortalized by Every Hey, an Instagram account powered by Barcelona's graphic design firm Hey Studio.

Though the illustrations are uber-minimalist, they are instantly recognizable. Whether it's Ronald McDonald's red hair or Jessica Rabbit's curvaceous silhouette, users will have no trouble figuring out who's who.

Each day, the studio uploads a new graphic to the account, and it's becoming more and more creative as time goes by. One of its latest contributions? Mark Zuckerburg, who is depicted as a walking Facebook account. Other recent graphics include burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and the Teletubby's very own Tinky Winky. Talk about a diverse selection!