Eternal Reefs Provide Eco-Friendly Underwater Burials

 - Apr 5, 2017
References: eternalreefs
Eternal Reefs offer individuals with unique burials that are able to sustain their surrounding environment at the same time.

Described as "permanent living legacies," Eternal Reefs are burial pods that are placed in the sea and help to protect marine life, as their name suggests. The business offers 'Reef Balls' that are used for memorializing and containing the individual's cremated remains (among other things). The Reef Balls are made from materials that "replicate the natural substrata that Mother Nature uses for her reef development," and are able to protect micro-organisms and marine life that allow reefs to flourish.

Eternal Reefs function as a distinct burial, one that may be increasingly used considering the fact that reefs on the Earth require more protection now than ever before.