The Erika Iris 'Reconfigured Sheet Music' Series is Noteworthy

 - May 7, 2012
References: iri5 & thisiscolossal
Cleverly motivated, the Erika Iris Reconfigured Sheet Music series is noteworthy. The Princeton-based artist takes unexpected random materials and repurposes them into whimsical portraitures. Her pieces use both iconic figures, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., imposed onto 'Amazing Grace,' to more anonymous figures such as the trumpet-playing angel crafted from Mozart's 'Serenade No. 10.'

The sheet music is hauntingly brought to life. The pieces exemplify how Iris has found a new way to portray the ghosts of history. Each piece of artwork evokes emotion. The portrait of MLK animates the power of his speeches while the notes emphasis the delusional genius in and through the eyes and hair of Beethoven. The rejoicing angel revels in Mozart's wind instrument serenade. The artwork visually makes music.