Erdal Inci's GIFs Transform Mundane Situations with Mesmerizing Loops

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: & fastcocreate
Using GIF animations, artist Erdal Inci created a series of infinite-loop clone armies. The clones in Inci's artwork seemingly terrorize Turkey by flooding the streets. A veritable army of black-hooded hooligans is seen marching in unison.

The clone GIFs are currently on display in Naples's Action Gallery. Each image serves to transform a simple situation into a shiver-inducing artwork. By looping himself over and over, Inci completely changes the intentions behind a simple action. Something like a man sliding down a railing suddenly becomes an endless gang dominating a neighborhood.

Self-described as a video artist, Inci used his experience as a freelance videographer to create the GIFs. In one artwork, Inci used light art techniques to make a wave of clones and light attack Turkey.