The Eos Coffee Branding Has an Unusual Way to Convey Strength Level

 - Jun 4, 2011
References: noem9studio & lovelypackage
The Eos Coffee packaging designed by Noem9 Studio is a simple concept that's expanded throughout the line.

A fair trade, organic brand that prides itself on eco-friendly packaging, Eos Coffee has managed to showcase that it is socially conscious. The concept behind the name, which means Goddess of Dawn in Greek, is meant for the fresh start. The roasts range in bold flavor, with a coffee stain to represent the strength of each brew. From the Dark roast's full coffee ring to the light stain of the Justo roast, the Eos Coffee packaging has managed to capture the main message of the company: that flavor is more important than the fancy package the product comes in. The Eos Coffee packages are simple yet fitting.