Titebond GREENchoice is an Environmentally Safe Glue for Home Repairs

Titebond has come up with a solution for consumers looking for an environmentally safe glue for minor home repairs. In recent years, many consumers have begun looking for eco-friendly alternatives to their favorite home products. This adhesive provides a green solution for addressing small repairs and home renovation projects.

Unlike other adhesives, Titebond GREENchoice is a line of environmentally safe glues that do not contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The line includes seven water-based adhesives that can be used for minor home repairs and other construction projects. Each adhesive comes in an eco-friendly cartridge that can be applied with a caulk gun or in recyclable buckets. Although the adhesives are made with low VOC-formulas, they are designed to be just as strong as traditional glues.

The eco-friendly adhesives allow consumers to complete a variety of home repairs without harming the environment in the process.