Enveloping Space Embodies a New Structural Language of Levitation

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: rpi.edu & suckerpunchdaily
To many people, the word "architecture" suggests the erection of several walls and a roof. This idea is incredibly limiting and completely crushed once you have beheld something like Enveloping Space. It is not clear what the eccentric clustered edifice would house, but it would certainly serve to accommodate any activity in an undoubtedly unfamiliar way.

Slender white stems support the floating capsules and provide access to the enclosed upper areas. Orange lozenge-like balls act as public spaces while the smaller inner ones of shiny blue contain private ones. The bouquet of abstract structures can be arranged freely according to the required program and Lisa-Christin Laue's Enveloping Space becomes a lofty labyrinth of unusual rooms.