Rise and Shine's Energy Drink Packaging Exudes Electricity

 - Oct 20, 2013
References: remarks.ro & packagingoftheworld
The 'Rise and Shine' energy drink packaging is designed after lightbulbs, taking the idea of energy and power quite literally.

Remark Studio noticed "a lack of innovation in packaging and also in material and shaped used for energy drinks." So this design studio sought to create a memorable premium energy drink with a catchy name and bottle. The design manages to fit all of these parameters quite well. The name and packaging of the energy drink are synonymous with electricity.

Remark Studio's concept includes other details like that the packaging should be a bright white when it is removed from the fridge and then gradually fade to a duller color as it is consumed. This is a novel product that is certainly memorable, especially since it would set itself apart from many other types of energy drink packaging.