The HybriFlow Lets You Drink Water or Liquid Booster from the Same Hose

 - Apr 2, 2018
References: hybriflow & kickstarter
The HybriFlow is a uniquely designed hydration pack that makes it easier than ever for campers and outdoor enthusiasts to drink either pure water or energy-boosting liquid from the same contraption with minimal hassle.

While it's true that there are energy-boosting powders and gels on the market that can be added to water, the problem is that they can prompt the growth of mold, and also make it more difficult for you to switch between water and an energy beverage.

This is where the HybriFlow comes in. This contraption features a dual-layered hose that's connected to a special valve, which users can deploy to either suck water through the primary tube, or consume a blend of water and energy booster. This design, therefore, offers greater flexibility in hydration options when exploring the great outdoors.