Dissolve's Mockumentary Shows How We Have Come to Use Emojis in Real Life

 - Jul 19, 2014
References: underconsideration & designtaxi
'Emoji Among Us: The Documentary' by stock footage company Dissolve is a funny way to show just how much we have come to rely on emojis in real life.

The video is set up so that the emojis are seamlessly mixed into real-world footage of everything from sunrises to garments hanging on a clothing line—in some scenes, the emojis are blended in so well they might even be difficult to spot the first time you watch the video.

The emoji icons are presented like aliens or some other kind of otherworldly beings that we have accepted into our society from another planet, bringing with them a new way to communicate. Of course this has not been without struggle, as proven by instances where emoji messages can be extremely annoying, just plain confusing or often misunderstood completely.