These EMF Chimes are Set Off by Electromagnetic Fields Instead of Gusts

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: shuchunhsiao
You know that the world is a changed place when traditional objects like these EMF Chimes no longer require natural influences to function. This decorative piece has been designed to be installed indoors and it doesn't require a breeze to produce its beautiful sound of bells.

Designer Shuchun Hsiao anchored this piece on a thick wooden block. Five wires hang down from its core, attached to one dangling tube each. The flutes remain closely clustered in a line so that even the subtlest nudge will cause them to clang.

While the EMF Chimes appear to be simply assembled, they actually make inhabitants aware of the electromagnetic fields within their homes. The use of mobile phones, computers and tablets encourages the ornament to make beautiful music.