From Retro Arcade Seasoning to Macabre Condiment Dispensers

 - Aug 16, 2012
Mealtime is infinitely more interesting thanks to the existence of these atypical seasoning shakers. Typical salt and pepper shakers can best be described as functionally dull. They work, but they aren't much to look at. These atypical seasoning shakers get the salt and pepper where they need to be while doubling as works of contemporary art and conversation starters.

If a salt shaker designed to look like a baby's hand doesn't get the conversation started, then what will? On second thought, maybe it'd be best to go with the Pac-Man shakers to avoid creeping people out. In all seriousness though, these atypical seasoning shakers are wonderfully creative, and are a great example of how designers continually manage to inject new life into even the most common of objects.