The Vortex Salt and Pepper Shakers are Sleek and Sophisticated

 - Apr 27, 2012
References: shapeways & ohgizmo
Creating seasoning containers that could be 3D printings by Shapeways proved quite the challenge until the designers began to truly think outside of the box; the result was the Vortex Salt and Pepper Shakers. A salt and pepper set that defies logic, it doesn't have the typical perforated top that allows grains of each seasoning out. Instead, it features a funnel that provides an easy way to put the stuff in while allowing only a pinch of the condiments to escape one generous shake at a time.

A neat plugless solution to traditional containers, the Vortex Salt and Pepper Shakers is a singular design that is sleek and sophisticated. The set will add a very nice touch to classy dining tables.