EMDA 'The Wrong Movie' Stunt Provides Firsthand Dementia Experience

The EMDA 'The Wrong Movie' video depicts a publicity stunt done by the Israeli Alzheimer Association to bring awareness to Israeli citizens. The idea was simple and highly effective; commercial movie visitors had taken their seats and were anticipating the movie they had come to see, but when the movie began to play the civilians quickly realized that the feature film they were viewing was not what they had come for.

Confusion quickly took over the auditorium and the people began to wonder if it was their own mistake for having sat in the wrong theater or if the cinema was to blame. Eventually the playing movie was cut and an advert appeared explaining that there were no mistakes made and that the civilians now knew exactly what victims of Alzheimer's disease had to endure nearly everyday. The most effective way of teaching somebody is through experience, therefore such practical forms of advertising can be seen as the best. The impact of this stunt showed through exponential growth in online Israeli awareness for Alzheimer's.