The Elevator Weatherman Does the Weather Forecast for Strangers

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: likecool
If you're into messing with people in elevators, this elevator weatherman prank is for you. The video begins when the pranker makes weather-related small talk and then launches into a full weather forecast, complete with a pull down map of the Florida region. Generally people react in surprise and attempt to get off the elevator early. One blurry man in particular reacted very strongly and became visibly and verbally angry with the elevator weatherman.

The end of the prank varies. In many instances, the pranker ends the forecast abruptly and stands silently with his arms folded. He appears to be making the forecast to an invisible camera, but also addresses his fellow elevator riders. When he suddenly stops the presentation, an awkward silence follows. In another instance he throws to his other elevator passenger asking him to do the sports.