Electro Kitsch Movement

Bogota has seen a trend progress in the nightlife, cultural, art and alternative scenes. The electro-kitsch subculture has fueled all sort of events to add a surface to a lifestyle that, while being somewhat underground, continues to become more prominent without any force.

Not only is it a fashion movement, breeding styles like neoglam and androgyny, but it's also formed a cultural expression backed by entertainment like festivals, art exhibitions and alternative spaces of reflection and opportunity. They listen to rumbas made not by DJS, but by "music downloader people" who mix electro music and hits from the 80s that made us laugh, or nursery rhymes to add another element of fun.

It's a movement of independence that has bred business based on these lifestyle like magazines and has spurred the development of groups and organizations. They blend the new and unknown. Some work with artists, others with designers who make their own clothes, who influence major trends in by bringing their styles to the streets or showcasing them at events they attend.

It's a movement not restricted to a certain age group; these people just want to share a lifestyle, from adolescent to older adult. They want to share the fashion, the rumba, the art and also the sociocultural concepts with the world.

These groups also seek other ways to protest a alternate spacial interaction with interesting public events like pillow wars or exhibits adulterated by art and perception.