A Man Fixing an Outlet Fakes an Injury in this Electric Shock Prank

 - Dec 10, 2012
References: youtube & youtu.be
This might be the simplest electric shock prank on the internet.

Another classic pranks comes from the good people and Youtube.com/AmazingandCrazyVideo that involves nothing but a screwdriver, an electrical outlet and a helpful, yet gullible friend.

This electric shock prank starts with one friend helping another friend fix an electrical socket in his wall. While the handyman fiddles with the plug fixture, the friend stands beside him eating a banana and casually holding up a flashlight.

As the repair progresses, the helper seems to get worried all of a sudden and asks his friend "what are you doing?" The friend shakes him off confidently with a vague answer. Next, the handyman starts shaking and yelling as if he's being shocked by the electrical socket through his screwdriver. The friend jumps and we all laugh.