These Funeral Urns are Made with a Curved Base That Wobbles Back and Forth

 - Nov 12, 2015
References: momtomb & dezeen
Wolfgang Natlacen created these Egyptian-inspired funeral urns that take a more lighthearted approach to death.

The 'Misirizzi' urn is made from acacia wood which was often used in the construction of ancient Egyptian sarcophaguses. Split into two halves with an internal hollow space, the wood used to construct these urns is rot-resistant and decorated in either a glossy back or gold finish. The choice of this particular shape and finish offers a more contemporary container for cremated remains that still draws from Egyptian-inspired funeral rites.

Sitting on a curved base, the 'Misirizzi' is also designed to wobble back and forth in place without falling over and spilling the contents of the urn. This playful approach by Natlacen was done to mix in an element of play into the bleak and depressing business of death.