From Mindful Smartphone Wallpapers to Commemorative Cremation Jewelry

 - Apr 26, 2015
The April 2015 life innovations reveal patterns in daily life, from jobs and career to one's social life. The millennial generation in particular is concerned with fulfillment, following their passion and the meaning of life in general.

As Jeremy Gutsche discusses in his New York Time's best-selling book Better and Faster, we are living in a time that has seen the greatest rate of change. Even though technology allows us to do things we couldn't have even dreamed off mere decades ago, some are encouraging using devices in a more mindful manner. This includes using smartphone wallpapers as a psychological anchor to stay present as well as releasing anger-causing smartphone stats.

Death is also an inevitable part of the life cycle. As of late people are more concerned with memorializing loved ones who have passed on in a way that befits the digital age, including innovative urns and social media strategies.