The Ego Clipper Has a Unique, Circular Design

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: yankodesign
Nail clippers are simple and elegant mechanical devices, yet the Ego Clippers from designer Hsin Wen Tsai show that even the most straightforward product can use a clever redesign. The attractive implement is shaped like a sphere rather than a straight, elongated piece of metal, making them both more user friendly and uniquely fascinating.

Standard nail clippers are simple first class levers that make use of the mild pliability of metal in order to gently cut through nails. Rather than bending metal, the Ego Clipper puts two circles of metal around an offset axis. The result is still a first class level, but it no longer needs to bend any metal in order to make the cut. Further, the design has smooth plastic handles for pressing, making it easier to precisely aims one's clips.