'Six-Legged Livestock' Teaches the World About Edible Insect Farming

 - May 22, 2013
References: fao.org & nationmultimedia
In North America, eating bugs only goes so far as gummy worms or Fear Factor, but in Thailand, people are serious when it comes to edible insect farming. 'Six-legged livestock: Edible insect farming, collection and marketing in Thailand' is a guide endorsed by the United Nations in response to world food security; it contains information on more than 1,600 species that are reported as edible insects.

This handbook was released by the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization as a response to the global food crisis. The UN believes malnutrition and the growing demand for food can be accommodated by bugs that are rich in vitamins, protein and minerals.

Residents of rural Thailand have long been consuming insects. Cricket farming alone there is a $30 million industry; whether or not other species of edible insects will be commercially marketed is an interesting and unpredictable topic.