Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito is in a State of Euphoria

 - Apr 29, 2012
References: karecuso & mymodernmet
The sculpture titled Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito is full of raw emotion. Made out of scrap metal pieces, it stands a staggering 30 feet high. Using nine tons of salvaged steel, the Oakland-based mixed media artist stunningly depicts a woman in a state of euphoria. The back-bending pose and titled head embodies the idea of passion.

Despite the hard and harsh materials used, Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito has a soft, feminine aesthetic that stays true to the gender portrayed. The tightly welded metal has been carefully formed to shape the sculpture's womanly curves. Her chain 'hair' even appears to be flowing. The sculpture is so detailed, there is a recognizable rib cage, central spinal chord and a hint of muscle beneath the skin-like surface.