Dig Into the Growing Ecological Travel and Tourism Movement

 - Mar 10, 2012
References: trendreports
The collective focus on the environment has been bolstered in recent years by green-minded documentaries and scientific breakthroughs. Society is now more empowered than ever with nature-based knowledge, and have developed a common concern for the outdoors. The concept of reducing one’s ecological footprint has become a household phenomena, as well as the preservation of plant and animal life. This benevolent attitude towards the earth has taken hold of the travel industry, making for some revolutionary engagements, the most influential of which have been compiled within the Ecotourism Trend Report.

Explorers throughout the world are looking for meaningful experiences. Luxury pools and critically acclaimed restaurants are no longer the top selling points of hotels. There is instead a growing focus upon movements like the Kitchen Ecovation push, a niche aiming to reduce the general impact of cuisine. This and over 3,161 related motifs are outlined within the Ecotourism Trend Report, in addition to 345 PRO Trends. Anyone implicated in the environmental, travel and/or tourism fields will no doubt benefit from this anthology.