The Sun Altered Cube is an Eco-Friendly Art Installation

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: michaeljantzen & solarfeeds
Awe-inspiring architect Michael Jantzen continues to think out of the box and create eco-friendly art installations just like his new creation The Sun Altered Cube.

The large painted structure is a solar-powered cube that is able to create electricity for the local power grid in the community. The structure operates by having solar cells mounted on the top of the cube, which then delivers solar power to two electric motors situated on two corners of the structure. These corners are able to rotate depending on the intensity of the sun. The cube is intended to be situated in a public park and is painted the bold black and white stripes to emphasize its constant changing.

Michael Jantzen and his eco-friendly art installation was designed with the intent to explore how the environment interacts with the natural environment in the most interesting and unforeseen ways.