The 'ECO-Urinal' Generates Electricity Using Your Urine

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: liteonaward & yankodesign
The 'ECO-Urinal' works to generate electricity with the help of your urine. Using the urea found in pee, the urinals can collect energy. The stored electricity can then be used to light washrooms, power sensors or even supply energy to the power grid. As a result, the energy expended when urinating can be recycled and used as a clean power source.

Energy is generated by using urine to create an electric current in fuel cells. Oxygen and water can be used to absorb electrons and create hydroxide ions. Since urea releases electrons when it comes in contact with hydroxide ions, the urinals are able to generate electricity.

Designers Liu Yi, Yue-Bo Shen and Fang-Tian Ying from Zhejiang University in China designed the concept urinal for the 2013 Lite-On Awards.