This Eco Pot is Made from Kelp and a Biodegradable Polymer

 - Aug 13, 2016
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Martina Green is the designer behind this eco pot, which is part of a larger exploration of the use of algae and 3D printing for more sustainable packaging solutions.

Green's focus on biodegradable materials led her to create a type of 3D-printed algae packaging made from locally sourced kelp and a biodegradable polymer. She says: "The idea is to use algae as an alternative to non-degradable plastic packaging," which tends to cause many problems in natural ecosystems.

As a material, algae has the ability to grow and break down quickly, all the while freeing up land space and helping marine ecosystems to flourish. Best of all, this packaging solution can be adapted for different projects so that the time of degradation can be modified to better suit a particular product's lifespan.