'Eat This Much' Suggests What to Consume Based on Calories

 - May 20, 2015
References: eatthismuch & mnn
Eat This Much is a meal planner that makes it easy to understand exactly what it is you need to lose, gain or maintain weight.

The meal planner revolves around caloric intake and has users plug in the number of calories they wish to consume in day. Eat This Much then provides suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, complete with all of the nutritional information and estimated costs to support this healthy plan. For instance, the personalized diet plan might suggest pancakes for breakfast, egg salad and a pita for lunch, with a salad for dinner.

As a bonus, the service also allows users to plug in restrictions for special diets like vegetarian paleo and Adkins, as well as exclude certain ingredients that many not align with a particular allergy or taste preference.