The East Sydney Early Learning Center has an Adventurous Layout

 - Aug 8, 2017
References: archdaily
Children experience the world differently from adults, and the East Sydney Early Learning Center is designed to nurture that unique and wondrous way of living. The daycare and school complex has a layout that encourages play and adventure, with a curving bridge that connects the interior building to the exterior playground and lots of fun enclaves and areas along the way.

To be sure, Andrew Burges Arcitects, the studio behind the East Sydney Early Learning Center, had its work cut out for it on the project. The original building is a staid 1920s industrial building, which isn't exactly a playful space. However, by adding things like the bridge mentioned above and a playground with elements and obstacles strewn about in non-prescribed positions, the new complex is far more amenable to the youth who explore it.