These Cap-Free Shampoo Bottles are Easier to Recycle

 - Jan 16, 2016
References: merged-vertices & fastcoexist
Munich-based designer Marilu Valente recently designed cap-free shampoo packaging that makes it easier to recycle shampoo bottles. The design is intended to counter the pervasive assumption that shampoo caps cannot be recycled because they are made out of a different kind of plastic than the bottle. While this is no longer the case, many bottle caps still wind up in the trash.

Valente's new shampoo packaging provides a simple solution to this problem by eliminating the cap entirely. Valente's design consists of a teardrop-shaped bottle with a narrow dispenser. Instead of sealing the bottle with a cap, the dispenser simply plugs into the side of the bottle when not in use. The cap-free bottle is not only easier to recycle, but it can also be refilled and reused several times before it is eventually recycled.