The Siam 7X Smartphone Features an E Ink Screen on the Backplate

 - Dec 25, 2015
References: siamsmartphone & liliputing
Looking to add additional functionality and efficiency to device usage, the Siam 7X Smartphone is a dual-screen smartphone that features an e ink screen on the rear backplate of the device for enhanced functions. Priced at $549, the Siam 7X Smartphone allows users to read a book on the rear of the device while turning off the functionality of the main screen to save power.

Available for purchase for users in the United States, the Siam 7X Smartphone is an interesting example of how technology is taking a cyclical approach to bring added functionality to the latest innovations. While an e ink screen might not be purported as the most technologically advanced, it's clear that the device still has plenty of usage left as is evident with the Siam 7X Smartphone.