The DUO Twin Towers are Both Covered with a Hexagonal Pattern

 - Mar 9, 2018
References: archdaily
With their honeycomb-shaped facade pattern and their station within the community of Singapore, the DUO twin towers, two new high-rises designed by Ole Scheeren, serve as a metaphor for collective industry. The towers rise over a 24-hour accessible public park, and they're meant to mark a collection point in the urban environment. In the same way that worker bees flock to the honeycombs in their hive, Scheeren hopes that people around Singapore will flock to the spaces presented by the DUO twin towers.

As mentioned, the base level of the towers' property will comprise a publicly accessible park, but there's more outdoor, green space throughout the upper reaches of the towers as well. Both are equipped with multi-volume designs that leave an exposed terrace partway up the structures — those terraces both hold semi-private gardens as well.

Image Credit: Iwan Baan