'925 Building' Has a Facade Inspired by Industrial Construction

 - Mar 2, 2018
References: archdaily
In growing metropolises, towers with exposed girders are a common sight, and '925 Building', a new edifice designed by JHW IROJE Architects & Planners, references that aspect of a building's genesis. The mixed-use high rise's facade is covered in a combination of wrought-iron girders and steel mesh, giving it a feeling of industrial construction even though it's very much a finished project.

Though the structure looks industrial, JHW IROJE see 925 Building as an organic artifice. This is clear through the language with which the team refers to the building, talking about the facade as a "skin" because of its partial transparency. Viewed through this lens, the iron girding could equally be considered a sort of exoskeleton.

Image Credit: Kim, Youngkwan