The Beijing Capital Museum Surrounds a Massive Bronze Column

 - Feb 21, 2018
References: archdaily
The new Beijing Capital Museum, which is designed to serve as one of the flagship buildings in the Chinese capital, features a gallery that looks almost accidental. The "Treasure Gallery", as architecture firm AREP calls it, is situated within the main, north-facing facade, and it looks as though the massive bronze volume has been embedded within the building itself, like a calcified relic from an earlier era.

As a whole, the Beijing Capital Museum measures 60,000 square meters, making it an imposing presence in the center of the city. That said, the Treasure Gallery takes up 7,000 square meters inside, and standing more than 10 storeys tall, the bronze cylinder is hugely breathtaking from both inside and out.

Image Credit: D. Boy de la Tour, Andrew Yu, Tristan Chapuis