The Dual-Use Fire Extinguisher Has The Added Bonus of Water Bombs

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: yankodesign
The Dual-Use Fire Extinguisher presents a clever way of dealing with domestic blazes that enables you to tackle different types of scenarios and that caters to people of different physical capabilities. Perhaps you aren't strong enough pick up the flame retardant cylinder and operate it with great aim; in this case, a collection of little water bombs can be pulled out and tossed into the fire.

Bao Haimo, Zhang Zhicheng, Xu Kun and Bu Jia designed the bottom of the douser as a dispenser for liquid grenades. When you require one, press a button and a perforated metal sphere will be released. Once it's tossed into the inferno, the orb sprays water in every direction, helping you to put out flames more easily and from a safer distance.