The Dual Beer Glass Allows Drinkers to Put Two Different Beverages in One

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: etsy & core77
The Dual Beer Glass takes alcoholic beverages to a whole different level, one that may have never existed before, in fact. It features a twisting wall of glass inside so as to accommodate two different types of beer. Although Half and Half or Black and Tan drinkers do exist, such a glass is like that elusive unicorn everyone is always talking about.

Designed by Louisville-based Matthew Cummings of The Pretentious Beer Glass Company, the Dual Beer Glass is quite beautiful to behold as well. Unlike the bulky look of more masculine steins, tumblers and growlers, the Dual Beer Glass is sleek and elegant. Cummings reveals, "This glass is not just the solution to the problem of using a jig to properly pour those types of beers, but it allows you to mix any two beers, even ones that have similar viscosities."