Rakuten's Drone UAV 'Sora Raku' Delivers Goods Straight to the Green

Japanese web retailer Rakuten recently unveiled an all-new drone UAV named 'Sora Raku' (which means "air comfort") that is specifically designed to make deliveries to players on a golf course.

Orders via Rakuten can be placed via an app, and they can be picked up in specialized landing zones, so as not to interfere with flying golf balls and other hazards on the course. This new shopping experience gives golfers the chance to enjoy the convenience of being able to order small items like bottled water and snacks at a moment's notice from the clubhouse staff's stock. As it stands, the Sora Raku is currently being tested at one golf course in Japan.

Delivery drones have proven to be useful for delivering supplies to remote areas out of necessity, but a device like this opens up new possibilities for these kinds of drones based on convenience.