Looza Turns an Ordinary Drink Straw into an Instrument for Tuning Bottles

 - Mar 28, 2016
References: looza.be & packagingoftheworld
As well as helping people to sip up drinks, this drink straw from Looza serves as a precise instrument for tuning bottles.

The concept was inspired by the act of blowing over the lid of a bottle and producing a sound. Based on the amount of liquid in the bottle, different sounds are produced. In order to develop an accurate tuning system without interfering with its own fruit juice bottle designs, Looza created a drinking straw that's marked with Do, Re, Mi and other notes from the musical scale. The more juice a consumer drinks, the more notes they are able to play.

In order to encourage people to play with these fun drinking straws, Looza even created a set of "playsmats," which spelled out the instructions for playing famous songs.