'Drink Rocks' are Made of Stone and Keep Your Drink Enriched with Flavor

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: momastore.org & coolhunting
'Drink Rocks' are waterless ice cubes that wont dilute your beverage. These innovative cooling devices are made of marble and operate like the average ice cube.

Designed by Runa Klock, these geometric beverage coolers are made to keep all beverages cool without watering them down. Made of earthy materials -- soapstone and marble -- Drink Rocks, are to be chilled in the freezer beforehand like normal ice cubes. When it comes time to drink, the Drink Rocks can be added to your favorite beverage to keep its temperature down.

Drink Rocks are sold in a set of five, featuring shapes like a cube, cylinder, sphere and pyramid. The variety of these shapes allow easy identification among party guests.