The Dr. Pepper Fountain Was Created by the Company for a Loyal Fan

 - Apr 17, 2017
References: drpepper & kstatecollegian
The Dr. Pepper fountain is an example of a soda company doing social media right. The fountain, which stands six feet tall and holds five gallons, was created after the company read a tweet sent from Claire Daniels, a student at Kansas State University. Ms. Daniels tweeted about her need for a Dr. Pepper fountain given how much of the stuff she drinks. Once the brand saw the tweet it sprung into action.

About a month later Dr. Pepper reached out to the student and asked if it could surprise her for being a loyal customer. The surprise was the Dr. Pepper fountain on her front lawn, which unfortunately Daniels wasn't allowed to drink from. She was given 100 12 packs by the company, so that should help to smooth over any disappointment.