Vasile Dorolti's Photos Use Jesus Statues to Symbolize Changing Traditions

Romanian photographer Vasile Dorolti's photo series 'People and Crosses' depicts Christian crucifixes and crosses, using them as a metaphor for the modernization and erosion of tradition. The photos focus on the crosses seen in Maramures County in Romania.

Traditionally, representations of Jesus were locally handcrafted and comprised visual displays of local art. In recent times however, local handcrafting skills have been disappearing as locals have been switching to Jesus representations produced elsewhere in the world. The new plastic Jesus representations lack the old spirit of the villages, and represent the practicality of consumerism.

By taking a close look at the seemingly innocuous trend of replacing handcrafted Jesus statues with imported plastic versions, Dorolti subtly captures the erosion of meaning and the emergence of questionable aesthetic sense in religious representations.