Doughbot is a Donut App That Helps You Locate Stores Selling the Treat

 - Apr 21, 2014
References: meetdoughbot & foodbeast
If you're craving a doughy concoction, this donut app will help you find it. 'Doughbot' is a recently released app that scours through Yelp listings, Instagram photos and Yahoo’s search engine to find you donut shops nearby.

Donuts have almost become art forms lately; bakers turn them into masterpieces by injecting them with decadent fillings or decorating them outlandishly. Recently there has been pie-infused donuts, white truffle donuts and donut-burger hybrids on the market. No longer are you limited to plain-glazed or sugar donuts. However, no matter the craving -- plain or decadent-- this app will find the donut you want.

With one swipe, the app will quickly locate the nearest donut shop and describe what kind of donuts it sells. If you don't like the sound of the donuts the store has to offer, just swipe again and it will take you to the second closest shop, and so on.