This Blood Donation Initiative Removes A, B and O from Signage

 - Aug 17, 2016
References: blood & prexamples
For National Blood Week this year, NHS Blood and Transplant launched a donation initiative to highlight the lack of blood donors and the high demand for donations to save lives. Although the campaign is being launched in major destinations across 22 countries, it might not be so easy to spot at first—the unusual campaign involves the removal of the letters "A," "B" and "O" from signage in order to show that there's #MissingType. Signage appears illegible and jumbled, definitely creating something for people to stop and stare at.

The inventive blood donation campaign is taking off with support from Transport for London, as well as brands like Microsoft and Claire’s Accessories. In the 10 days that followed the #MissingType campaign launch, a record 30,000 new donors had signed up to donate blood.