The Miele Blackboard Fridge is a Creative Domestic Appliance

 - Mar 26, 2016
References: & homecrux
The majority of, if not all, domestic appliances aren't very creatively focused, but that ends with the new Miele Blackboard edition refrigerator. Outfitted with a front panel that allows children and adults to draw on it, the appliance can be drawn on using regular chalk or liquid chalk pens.

The Miele Blackboard edition refrigerator features a CompactCase drawer that allows sundry products to be stored on any rack level as well as full LED lighting throughout. The design makes entertaining children during meal preparation or jotting down grocery lists easier than ever.

Domestic appliances are essential for consumer homes with the shift towards efficiency being a given. The introduction of more design-conscious aesthetics like with the Miele Blackboard edition refrigerator allow for an enhanced level of customization to be achieved.