From Smart Speaker Systems to Powerful Voice Control Smartwatches

 - Apr 30, 2016
After Amazon released its Echo speaker, it followed up with Tap and Dot, two more hands-free voice-controlled devices that are Alexa-enabled. Alexa's voice system makes it possible for users to make commands in order to do everything from ordering a pizza or ordering an Uber on demand with natural language. Alexa's system is so advanced that it is able to differentiate between background noise and music versus an incoming human command.

Outside of what Amazon offers, third-party companies are now also able to create Alexa-enabled devices through the brand's developer portal. A few examples of this now include Lutron's Caseta lighting system, the CoWatch smartwatch and Invoxia's Triby wireless speaker.

While smartphones currently seem to be central hubs for most modern consumers, Alexa-enabled devices may update the ease of carrying out tasks with a completely buttonless experience.